What I Learned While Hitchhiking Across America

Stranded. No money, no car, and nowhere to be. I was in Wisconsin, close to the Minnesota border and my van broke down just a few blocks away from a Kwik Trip, an oasis of the midwest. There was only one thing to do, and that was to start hitchhiking.

I was on my way to Colorado for the “green rush”, where I was planning to get a job trimming marijuana. Surviving on the little income my website CannabisTutorials.com was making, I had less than $100 in my pocket at the time. I packed up my backpack with a few essential, forgetting my social security card and birth certificate, and walked to the nearest on ramp heading west.

Within 10 minutes of sticking my thumb out, I got my first ride. A carpenter that owns his own business that was driving an F150 and the A/C was blowing hot air in the middle of summer. My hitchhiking journey had just began and unbeknownst to me, the following few months would be a period filled with lessons and liberation.

Hitchhiking is Pure Freedom

You can go anywhere and do anything for next to nothing. With a tent, a sleeping bag, and a few essentials you can find a place to sleep just about anywhere. Whether sleeping on a rooftop, next to a river, or in the woods, there’s nothing like sleeping under the stars. Don’t like sleeping outside? Then sleep on someone’s couch for free via the Couchsurfing app.

Wake up in the morning and you’re free to do anything you want for however long you’d like. Getting tired of the city you’re in? Stick your thumb out and get to the city over and start your next adventure.

The Poor, Lonely, And Eccentric Are The Most Helpful

The Essentials Of Life Are All Free

The Less You Have, The More You’re In Touch With Yourself

Positivity Attracts The Good; Negativity Attracts the Bad

Ego Is The Root Of Suffering

Stories and Wisdom are Just as Valuable as Currency

If you ask, you shall receive

You simply have to ask the right person

Everywhere can be home with a little imagination 

There’s No Place Like Home

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