Travel Hacks, Tips, & Tricks

My 100+ Best Travel Tips, Tricks, and Hacks: An Ultimate List

Whether you’re a digital nomad or a travel hacking mom, these travel tips, tricks, and hacks are guaranteed to save you time, money, and stress! Be sure to check out my favorites (numbers 62 & 68) and let me know what your favorite was in the comments below!

General Travel Tips, Tricks & Hacks

These general travel hacks are the most versatile and helpful tips and tricks. They’re also the tips and tricks that didn’t fit into any other category…

1. Use Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is so cheap, I don’t know why people don’t get it. It’s definitely worth getting it just for the amount of stress that it saves.

2. Use Credit Cards With Travel Benefits

If you have any credit cards, check to see what travel benefits are included and use them to book your flight and hotels. If you don’t have a credit card with travel benefits, consider getting one for some of those sweet bonus miles.

3. Travel With a Blanket Scarf

I always travel with a blanket scarf because of its versatility. You can bunch it up and use it as a pillow, a blanket when you inevitably get cold, an eye mask for sleeping, an impromptu beach or shower towel, a head covering for temples/mosques, a cover-up from the sun, a makeshift belt, a makeshift sling/bandage/tourniquet, a stylish head wrap/headband, a DYI shirt or skirt, a face mask during dust storms or bad smells, cushion for fragile souvenirs, etc.

4. Reduce Jetlag

Jetlag plagues travelers of all kinds, especially those going east, and its symptoms can include fatigue, irritability, nausea, trouble concentrating, headache, and an upset stomach.

As a rule of thumb, it generally takes a day to adjust for every time zone you’ve crossed, although the older you are, the longer the adjustment can take.

Although there’s no way to prevent jetlag, Harvard Medical School has provided 3 ways to reduce its effects and duration:

  • Start to shift bed and meal times before the trip, 30 mins at a time.
  • Keep well hydrated and avoid dehydation, caffeine, and alcohol.
  • Switch to the local time zone as soon as possible after you arrive.

Jet Lag Rooster is a cool tool you can use to help you schedule your sleep and melatonin schedule. Just enter your flight schedule and it will spit out a customized plan.

5. Use a VPN

Using a VPN that encrypts your data is a must if you plan on using public WIFI when you travel. Anyone else on the same network as you can sniff out your data and see what you are doing. VPNs can even bypass government internet restrictions and filters.

A VPN isn’t only good for keeping your data private, it can also allow you to watch movies and tv shows that have location restrictions.

6. Bring a Water Bottle

A water bottle is a must-have for any trip for all my hydro homies. Make sure it’s empty before going through airport security and you can fill it up on the other side instead of paying for a $5 bottle at Starbucks.

Don’t have space for a water bottle? Try a collapsible one.

7. Bring a Thermos

Coffee, tea, hot water at the airport or even keep lunch leftovers for later.

8. Bring an Empty Pillowcase

I hate bringing a pillow with me because of how big and inconvenient it can be but I also like to stay comfy during flights and to have an extra pillow at the hotel.

By bringing an empty pillowcase, I can stuff it with my sweatshirt and other clothes to make a pillow and I can shape it however I like.

9. Bring Sleep Aids

Sleeping pills, an eye mask, and noise-canceling earplugs are a must-have on an airplane, car, hotel, and especially at hostels.

10. Bring Noise Cancelling Headphones w/ AUX

If traveling someone else, don’t forget the splitter so you can both watch the same thing if you’d like.

11. Bring a Carabiner & Aligator Clip

Carabiners and alligator clips are some of the versatile items you can bring. You’ll be able to hang almost anything anywhere, keep things closed, and even make a makeshift phone holder.

I always use an alligator clip to keep the curtains closed tights so I can sleep in late without any light shining through the crack in the middle.

12. Use a Travel Wallet & Money Belt

A travel wallet and money belt are made specifically to keep your most essential items safe. You can store your passport, tickets, and papers safely in a money belt or wallet to help protects and hide your money against thieves and pickpocketers.

I always make sure that whatever I use has RFID blocking technology and if using a money belt, I get one that is cut-resistant.

13. Bring Hand Sanitzer

What it’s not on every person’s list of travel hacks, hand sanitizer is a must for anywhere you go. When you travel, your immune system is weakened and you’re exposed to new germs you haven’t had a chance to build an immunity up to.

I like to get a travel-size hand sanitizer that can connect to the outside of my bag for easy access.

14. Use Immune Boosters

Travel is rough on the immune system and the last thing you want to do is be bedridden for your entire vacation.

15. Download Netflix for Offline Viewing

Bring your favorite Netflix shows and movies with you by downloading them for offline use so you can watch them on the plane, in the middle of nowhere, or somewhere you don’t have data.

16. Always Carry a Writing Utensil

Always having a pen on you when you travel will help when you need to fill out immigration forms on the plane, fill out your contact detail at the hotel or even draw or play some games if you have some paper.

Better yet, bring a crayon in your wallet when you travel.

17. Use a Global SIM Card

Having a global SIM card will allow you to instantly have cell phone reception and data anywhere you go in the world. I personally use Google Fi which is about $70/month and works in 200+ countries across the globe. No more roaming charges and you don’t have to deal with local SIM cards and their sketchy vendors.

18. Bring a Laundry Bag

Use it to keep your dirty clothes or wet swimsuit separate from the rest of your clothes.

19. Bring a Power Adapter, Splitter, & Extender

20. Keep Offline Copies of Travel Documents

Booking Hacks, Tips & Tricks

Finding the best hotels and flights for dirt cheap is the ultimate high. These are the travel hacks I use in order to save money and find the best available transportation and accommodations.

21. Book the Aisle and Window Seat When Traveling in Pairs

When traveling with one other person, try booking the aisle and window seat. Nobody will probably book the middle seat unless it’s the last one available and if someone does book it, you can just ask to switch with them.

22. Use to Find the Best Airplane Seat

Not sure where the best seat is? Use to find the seats with the best legroom and accessibility.

23. Search for Flights on Skipplagged

24. Set Up Alerts For Price Drops

25. Book an Early Departure Flight

If your flight gets delayed or canceled you have a better chance of not getting stuck overnight at the airport and you can get a different flight if need be. If your flight is the last one for the day and it gets canceled, you’re going to have to wait.

26. Book Flights at Least 2 Hours Apart

27. Use an Incognito Window

28. Book Seperate Tickets

Try booking two separate tickets through different airlines, especially if you already have a layover.

29. Use Skyscanner’s to Everywhere Feature

30. Sit in the Front for Quick & Easy Boarding & Deboarding

31. Sit In the Middle for the Least Turbulance

32. Sit in the Back for the Best Service

33. Use Expert Flyer for Seat Changes

Be notified when the exact seat you want becomes available

34. Try Nearby Airports

35. Get Cash Back Rewards

Use rakuten or other third party distributors for cash back or to rack up reward points.

36. Leave Your Floor Preference

When booking a hotel, leave your floor preference in the comments. Lower floors have a greater chance of theft, outside noise, and a poorer view.

Accomadation Travel Tips, Tricks & Hacks

37. Use a rubber band to keep your door unlatched.

Luggage & Packing Tips, Tricks & Hacks

38. Write Your Contact Details Inside Your Luggage

Put an A4 / letter size page with your Name, Flight number, Arrival location (Either home or your hotel depending on direction of journey) and contact details (Phone / email) inside your luggage.

If the bags get “misdirected” and your luggage tags have come off your bag, the airline can easily locate you and forward your bags on to you.

39. Use a J Hook

40. Put Your Clothes in Clear Bags

Pack your clothes in clear ziplock bags inside of your luggage. When going through customs the agents will sometimes open your suitcases to check for illegal contraband and if your clothes are in clear ziplock bags they can go through and see what’s inside easily without actually touching your personal items.

41. Wear Your Heaviest Clothes & Shoes

42. Bring a Set of Clothes on Your Carry On

Ideally the heaviest you’re packing because airlines are the least likely to weigh your carry-on.

43. Keep Your Most Important Items In Your Personal Item

Meds, passport,

44. Make Your Luggage Easily Identifiable

Luggage stickers, covers, or even a piece of string can help you pick your luggage out of the lineup and can help prevent someone else from taking it by mistake.

45. Use a Luggage Tag That Covers Your Info

46. . Use a Tracker

If you’re traveling with valuable items, it might make sense to put a tracker into your luggage. When you use a tracker you can keep track of it anywhere in the world and you can be sure to get it back if the airline loses it or it gets stolen.

Be sure to check your airline’s rules on using GPS trackers. If GPS trackers aren’t allowed, Bluetooth ones like tile or Apple’s air tags work pretty well as an alternative!

47. Take a Picture

Take a picture of your luggage so if for whatever reason you can show it to an airline employee. (e.g. lost, duplicates without tags, etc.)

48. Divide Your Luggage

When traveling with others, divide your luggage between suitcases (especially medication) so if one case gets lost you’ll still have some of your stuff in the other one.

49. Use Solid Alternatives

50. Use Plastic Wrap on Liquid Bottles

Prior to screwing on the lid.

51. Pack Heavy Items Towards the Bottom by the Wheels.

52. Store Rings, Earings, and Piercings in a Pill Divider

53. Store Necklaces inside Straws

54. Use the Space Inside of Your Shoes

If you pack shoes in your bag, don’t forget about the space available inside of them. There’s just enough room for a few pairs of socks, some underwear, or even a shirt.

55. Use Your Socks for Fragile Items

Store fragile items like a cologne or perfume bottle inside of your socks to keep them from breaking and banging around.

56. Throw a Dryer Sheet In

Keep everything fresh by throwing a dryer sheet on top of your clothes before zipping your luggage up.

Airline Hacks, Tips & Tricks

57. . Get Curbside Check-in

58. Check Into Your Flight Ahead of Time

59. Download Your Airline’s App

60. Use the FlightAware App

61. Use Your Personal Item

62. Use Duty Free Bags

A favorite travel tip of mine, ask for a bag from any of the duty-free stores and put some of your heavy clothes or items in there for an extra carry-on bag that won’t get weighed!

63. Ask For a Fragile Sticker

64. Tell Your Flight Attendant of Short Layovers

65. Buy Lounge Passes Secondhand

66. Get Money For Delayed or Canceled Flights

You have rights when it comes to delayed or canceled flights and you can receive up to $700 per passenger. You can file a claim directly with the airport or you can do what I do and let do all the work.

67. Long Layover? Ask For a Hotel

If you have a layover longer than 8 hours with a national airline, ask for a hotel. All you have to do is ask at the airline’s desk

Airport & TSA Hacks, Tips & Tricks

68. Go To The Left Line

This is one of my favorite travel tips of all time.

69. Keep Loose Items Together

When going through security, instead of putting your keys, change, wallet, and other loose items in the bin, put them in the inside pocket of your jacket or even in a fanny pack to keep everything together, smooth, and organized.

70. Freeze Your Water Bottle

Ice is allowed through security.

71. Find Your Airport’s Map Ahead of Time

and know where your gate is.

72. Go Immidiately To Your Gate

You don’t want to wait until ten minutes before your flight before you realize your at the wrong terminal.

73. Set an Alarm

74. Don’t Get Uber or a Taxi At The Airport

75. Wear Securtiy Appropriate Clothes

I always like to prepare for airport security by not wearing any belts or clothes that will set off the metal detectors, wearing shoes that I can slip on and off easily, and having my laptop and other electronics easily accessible.

Don’t wear sandals or you might have to go barefoot on the same floor as hundreds of others that same day.

76. Know Your Hotel’s Address Before Landing

Immigration forms and agents will almost always ask for the address of the place you’re staying. By having the address of your hotel or Airbnb handy, you can be sure to breeze right through immigration and customs.

77. Use

When booking flights that have long overnight layovers, I always check for the best place in and around the airport to sleep. Not only do they tell you best place to sleep but they also list the locations of charging stations, showers, WIFI and more!

78. Become a Trusted Traveler

79. Check Flight Boards Frequently

Not all airport’s announce gate changes

80. Take a Photo of Where You Parked

Airplane Hacks, Tips & Tricks

81. Get Your Leg Room Back

If the person sitting in front of you on a flight reclines their seat all the way back and leaves you with no room, turn on the air above you to full blast and point it at the top of their head.

If they’re sensitive to it (especially if they’re bald), they’ll straighten up their seat. If not, then you’ll both be uncomfortable for the entire flight.

82. Wear Sunscreen

83. Chew Gum to Clear Clogged Ears

84. Don’t Be Afraid to Bring Food

A clever travel hack is to bring oatmeal, ramen, or even instant soup and then simply ask for some hot water on the plane.

85. Write on Your Eye Mask

Don’t get passed up for food & drinks during your flight by writing on you eye mask. Or you can just ask to be woken up for meals…

86. Bring Layers For The Airplane

Airplanes tend to get cold during their flight and it’s a good idea to bring extra layers of clothes or even a blanket to stay warm and comfy during your flight.

87. Wear Dressier Clothes

Some suggest wearing nicer clothes will make you more suitable for an upgrade to business or first class.

88. Bring a Gift for the Flight Crew

Doing so can help your chances of getting upgraded, given an entire row of seats, receive first-class dining, or even some champagne or alcohol for the flight. Check out my post on the best gifts for flight attendants.

89. Get Money For Delayed Flights

90. Use a Clear Bag as a Phone Holder

Simply put your phone in a clear bag and hang it up by closing the open end into the tray table.

91. Airplane Phone Holder/Stand

If you fly frequently, you might want to invest in a phone holder designed specifically for airplanes.

92. Board Last

Although you might have a hard time finding a place for your carry-on.

93. Don’t Put Carry-on Behind You

Don’t put your bags in an overhead bin that is behind your seat, even one row behind. Always put your bag ahead of your seat (even if it is 10 rows) so that you can get it easily when getting off the plane.

94. Turn Off Your Data

Prevent expensive roaming charges by turning off your data before you land.

I use Google Fi as my cell phone provider because they offer global services and allow me to travel anywhere in the world without worrying about where I can get a local SIM card.

Do you have any travel tips, tricks, or hacks that I didn’t include? Let me know in the comments below!

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