The Ultimate Sales Process To Sell Anything

Selling is in everything we do. Whether you are home trying to seduce your spouse or at work trying to convince a client or manipulate a meeting, you are trying to sell something. This guide will teach you how to sell anything.

I received this shirt after selling over $118,000 in 2 weeks.

Selling has a lot of aspects to it and requires some determination in order to be successful. I am going to share with you everything I’ve learned from selling millions of dollars worth of wedding cakes stands, Amazon products, and home furniture.

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  • The Sales Process
    • First Impressions
      • Building Trust
      • Creating a Connection
        • Why did you choose us?
    • Qualifying Questions
      • What are you looking for?
      • What happened with the old?
      • What do you think about it?
      • What don’t you like?
    • Show and Tell
      • Features and Benefits
      • Add-ons
    • Handling Objections
      • “Just looking” / “Not interested” / “Go away”
      • “I need to bring my wife/husband back.”
      • “Too expensive”
      • “Can I have a better deal?”
      • “I’m not an impulse buyer/I need to research/look around”
    • How to Close
      • The Soft Close
      • The Hard Close
      • Buying Signs
      • Walking Signs
      • Turning Over a Sale
    • How to Up-sell
      • Personal Recommendation
      • Use Logic
      • Social Proof
    • Following Up

The Sales Process

First Impressions

Build Trust

Create a Connection

Ask Qualifying Questions

Show and Tell

Handling Objections

“Just Looking” / “Not Interested” / “Go Away”

This usually means you fucked up the first impression and there are a couple of ways to salvage this. The first is to say okay and agree then return their statement back at them in the form of a question ie. “Okay, no problem! What exactly are your looking for?” or “Okay, no problem! What are you interested in?”. The goal in this technique is to start a conversation that you can then lead into qualifying questions.

The second technique I think is a bit better as it builds more trust. As always, agree with them, and then ask if they’d like something you know they can’t refuse. ie. “No problem! Do you mind if I show you/tell you about our best deals” or “Definitely, can I just show you quickly how you can save…/get a free…”. From there you can build their trust and lead into qualifying questions.

How to Close

You should try to close early and often because it’s easier to talk your way out of a sale than into one. As soon as you’re seeing any signs that they want to buy, go in for the close. There are many types of closes but the best ones are the ones where you assume the sale. Asking them “How do you want to pay?” or better yet, going straight into the up-sell be asking “Are you interested in seeing the… that goes with your…”.

Turning a Sale Over

If you’ve tried to close three or more times and it hasn’t succeeded, it’s time to introduce someone else into the sale.

How to Up-sell

Following Up

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