How to Start in Real Estate Without Any Money

Imagine if you could buy a house and then sell that house immediately for an instant profit without ever needing any money whatsoever. What if you could be making $5,000 – $100,000 next week? Well, you can and this is how.

Some people call it real estate arbitrage and others, wholesale real estate. It’s the act of getting a contract to buy a property and then selling that contract, not the property, to another person or company. Then they are the ones that pay for the property plus the difference you add on for yourself.

Since you’re not selling the property, only the contract to buy the property, you don’t even need a real estate license. Just find a property owner that wants to sell, sign an assignable contract, find an investor, and sign the contracts at a title company.

Find a Property Owner that Wants to Sell

The Assignable Contract

Finding an Investor

Signing the Contract

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