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Easy CTR Calculator (Click-Through Rate)

Knowing your click-through rate (CTR) is important. After all, how are you supposed to improve something if you can’t track it?

CTR Formula

To calculate your CTR simply divide the total clicks by total impressions.


If you calculate your click-through rate to be more than 100%, you’ve likely switched the total number of clicks and total impressions around.

What Is A Good CTR?

A good CTR rate will vary depending upon the use case and platform. A click-through rate on your Facebook ads will be different than one for your Google search ads. In the table below, I’ve compiled a list of average click-through rates on common platforms and use cases for you to use as a baseline.

Use CaseAverage CTR %
AdWords Display Ads0.35%
Google Search Ads1.91%

What Does Your Click-Through Rate Mean?

Your click-through rate is a key performance indicator (KPI) for marketing campaigns. The higher your click-through rate, the more likely your audience will click on your creative. A higher CTR is associated with lower advertising costs and higher overall conversion rates. If you’re CTR is low, it means your audience isn’t clicking your creative and is associated with higher advertising costs and lower overall conversion rates.

How To Improve Your Click-Through Rate

To improve your click-through rate I recommend experimenting with a different appearance, copy, strategy, or audience in order to stand out and connect with people enough to click on your creative.


Using bold and contrasting colors will ensure your creative pops off the page and is noticed. Also, experiment with odd spacing and patterns in order to catch some attention.


Use engaging and intriguing copy to pique their interest enough to click through and see the result. Use questions, emotions, and targeted information to entice that click that you deserve.


Change up your strategy and then test some more. Every audience is different and will react differently to your strategies. Try making them an offer, use different pricing (or don’t include pricing at all), and stick out from the herd by trying something no one has ever tried.


Advertising to the right audience is probably the important thing. When you’re advertising cake decorations to firefighters, you probably won’t get many clicks. So make sure you’re advertising to the right people and again, TEST EVERYTHING!

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