Do You Need ID for Greyhound?

Do You Need ID for Greyhound? Sometimes. Here’s Why.

When traveling on a Greyhound bus you’ll sometimes be required to have and show an ID, other times you won’t be required to. In the following few paragraphs I’ll explain when and why you might need an ID when taking a Greyhound.

The most common time you’ll be asked for ID is when you’re buying your ticket. When buying a Greyhound ticket you can use either cash or a credit/debit card. If you pay with cash, you won’t need to show an ID. However, if you do pay with a credit/debit card, you will need to present a valid ID to verify that the name on the card matches the name of the passenger.

There are also times when you might be required to show ID while aboard the bus. If the bus makes any unscheduled stops or if there’s some sort of emergency and law enforcement is called, you may be asked to present your ID. The driver may also ask to see your ID if they suspect that you’re underage and trying to travel without a parent or guardian.

When you need an ID:

  • When buying your ticket in person with a credit/debit card
  • When picking up your ticket
  • If Greyhound staff need to verify your ticket
  • If you’re asked by law enforcement

When you don’t need an ID:

  • If you’re 16 years old or younger
  • If you purchased a ticket online and have it printed out

Generally speaking, as long as you have a valid form of ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) you shouldn’t have any problems when traveling on a Greyhound bus. If you do have any questions or concerns though, feel free to reach out to customer service or the driver. They’ll be more than happy to help!

Do You Need ID for Greyhound? Sometimes. Here's Why.
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