Best Places To Have Sex In Hostels

Hooking Up At Hostels: 9 Best Places to Have Sex in Hostels

Planning on hooking up at hostels? I put together this list of the 9 best places to have sex in hostels so you can have a fun time without getting in any trouble.

Having sex in hostels is natural. Hostelbookers surveyed over 11,000 travelers and 69.3% of those surveyed said they had sex with a local while traveling and 17% of travelers had a threesome while on the road.

1. Private Room

A private room in a hostel is the best place to have sex. You don’t have to worry about anyone catching you or getting in trouble. When in doubt, get a private room.

2. Shower

The second best option is in the shower. The shower is a good place to have sex because you can stay in a somewhat private area that’s meant to get naked in.

3. Laundry

The laundry room is one of the least used rooms in a hostel. Lock yourself in, start a load of laundry and you can have sex without much worry.

4. Large Dorm

A large dorm room with 20+ beds in it can be a viable option because it is so big and you can go to a quiet area that won’t bother other people. Drape a sheet over the bed for the most privacy.

5. Roof

The roof can be a good option if it’s not frequented by too many people. Wait until it’s dark and you can have a romantic night under the stars.

6. Balcony

Does your hostel have a balcony off of your room or hallway? Shut the balcony doors behind you for some privacy and get at it.

7. Garden Hammock

The garden can be one of the quietest places at the hostel. Find a hammock hidden away in a tree for one of the best places to have sex in a hostel.

8. Game Room

The game room is a bad place to have sex during the day, but wait until late at night or the morning and you can have it all to yourselves.

9. TV / Movie Room

I stayed in a hostel in Cancun and when there wasn’t a movie playing in the theater room, that was the best place to have sex in the hostel. The movies had set times and no one ever went in there during other times.

Where NOT to Have Sex in Hostels

There are good places to have sex, and then there are these 3 places where you should not have sex.

1. The Top Bunk

Nothing is more disrespectful and annoying than someone having sex on the top bunk in a small dorm. Especially when they are right above you. The least you can do is get on a lower bunk and put a sheet up as a curtain.

2. Common Room

No one wants to walk in on someone having sex in the common room. It is the common room after all.

3. Pool & Hot Tub

The pool and hot tub are the worst places you can have sex in a hostel. It’s worst than peeing in the pool. Don’t ruin the pool and go get yourself a private room, please. Thanks!

Laws When Hooking Up At Hostels

Laws across the globe can be different than you’re used to when it comes to sex so be sure to research the local laws before you get into trouble.

Know What Consent is in Other Countries

Depending on where you are, consent might have to be said verbally without any drugs or alcohol in either person’s system.

Know Public Nudity Laws

When trying to find the best place to have sex in hostels, be sure not to get into trouble when it comes to public nudity.

When in doubt, get a private room. Hooking up at hostels isn’t worth jail time.

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