Mexico is open for travel!

It's time to swim in cenotes, eat delicious food, and relax on the beach.

Covid-19 and Travel

This guide has everything you need to know about traveling right now.

Jamaica is calling...

World class resorts in the center of reggae town.


Hey! I'm Alex.


I want to help you travel the world.

Traveling has always been a passion of mine and helping people like you travel is a dream come true.

I've put together this website in order to show you all of the amazing trips and destinations you can go. I even have a small blog where you can learn some cool travel tips and tricks.

When you're ready to book your next trip, please don't hesitate to call or text me at (920) 297-0049.

- Alex

Why use an agent

The number one question I get is: "Why should I use an agent when I can book everything online?"

The answer is, it depends. For some people, like budget travelers, using an agent isn't always the best choice. For others, such as groups, first time travelers and travelers with bigger itineraries, an agent definitely makes up for the cost.

My Fees

Why do I charge fees when other agents don't?

Well, I want to provide you with the best service possible without having to rely on specific suppliers for bookings. Instead of working for cruise lines and hotels, I work for you.

This allows me to find you the best deals and best experiences without worrying if I'll get paid or not.


$25 / day / adult
  • Unlimited Consultations
  • All Bookings - 5% fee
  • Basic Itinerary


$50 / day / adult
  • Unlimited Consultations
  • All Bookings - 5% Fee
  • Advanced Itinerary
  • 1 Meal Planned / Day
  • 1 Activity Planned / Day


$100 / day / adult
  • Unlimited Consultations
  • All Bookings - 5% Fee
  • Advanced Itinerary
  • All Meals Planned
  • All Activities Planned

Don't need any consultations or an itinerary?
No problem! I do simple bookings too!
Simply select the "bronze" package.

Why you should book through me

When you book through me I will be on your side when things go wrong. I have contacts with and personally know many people in the travel industry.

I am a part of one of the largest travel agencies which allows me to receive exclusive deals and the lowest possible prices from many companies including Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines, Hilton Hotels, Marriott Hotels and many more!

All Inclusive

Live like royalty with all you can eat, drink and do!